This full scale limber chest is built to regulation
blueprints, made of oak wood and made to drop right on
to any properly made limber.  The outside is stained a
dark walnut and topped with a clear coat.  The black
metal trim is painted flat black, copper
top/trimmings/nails and the inside is linseed oiled.  
Comes with powder charge dividers and 2 sliding trays.
Costs $2800.00
Dimensions = 49" x 24" x 24" & weighs 160 pounds

Travel Chest Dust Cover
The Travel Dust Cover is made of treated duck canvas
with brass grommets and leather reinforced trimmings
that are all hand sewn with sinew thread. It fits any
standard size limber chest.
Travel Cover Costs $225.00
Civil War Ammunition
Limber Chest
for Full Scale Cannon
Limber Carriage
Location- Houston, Texas
Phone- 713-249-6020
Website :  www.jmelledge.com

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